“Permanence is a body of work inspired by and written during a period of positive personal growth, as much as it is of loss and grief. It is a body of work that symbolises and articulates the constant evolution of relationships, people and places, that are essentially non-permanent fixtures, but can amalgamate to form a wider sense of permanence in life. The concept of change is significant here, in that, permanence can be a dynamic framework that change can operate within.”

Released 16th September 2020 on Houndstooth.
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– Reader’s Digest album of the month. September 2020

– Electronic Sound magazine print review:
“It’s one fast moving, continuous piece that shifts from mood to mood quickly. One moment we’ll be basking in field recordings of rain and church bells, the next being swept along by Vangelis-style synth grandeur or the swirl of gushing, Orb-like pads. There’s a strong melodic direction to a lot of it through, as opposed to amorphous sprawl, sometimes bringing James Holden’s left field spin on traditional techno sounds to mind with its almost trance-like patterns, at others resembling the underlying bed or tinkling keyboards of Terry Riley’s work. These comparisons are merely pointers, however, because “Permanence” has a speedy ever-evolving character all of its own.”

– A Closer Listen: review

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Release Date : September 16, 2020
Artist : Guy Andrews
Format : Digital Download